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There is no question that environmental protection is of the utmost importance. Raceway has implemented numerous measures to prevent and react to any situation that may result in environmental impact.

Leak Detection

The most effective means of protecting the environment is prevention. Through the use of state of the art equipment; double-wall tanks and lines, automatic tank gauging systems, and precision tank tightness testing, Raceway is continuously monitoring its underground storage systems. In addition, items such as dispenser pans, sump containers, and mechanical leak detectors exceed federal and state compliance requirements and are installed for added protection.

Emergency Response

Despite the best preventive measures, there remain instances when accidents can and will occur. To respond quickly and effectively, each facility is equipped with an emergency spill kit. Each kit contains all materials necessary to contain a release and every Raceway employee is instructed in its use. In addition, relationships with emergency response companies are maintained should they ever become necessary.

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