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Racemart/Food Services


Racemart® "raises the bar" on quality and convenience!

When you step into your local Racemart, get ready for the unexpected. Bright, clean stores, competitve prices, friendly service, and a large product selection are all part of the Racemart experience. And the food… It's restaurant quality! Not what you'd expect from a gas station convenience store!

Coffeelicious Café SM

Available at most Raceway/Racemart locations, Coffeelicious Café features an extensive variety of gourmet coffees, teas and cappuccinos, as well as delicious fresh baked rolls, danishes, donuts and bagels. For those hot summer days, some participating locations offer frozen cappuccinos, Icee® frozen drinks and granitas. Stop in on your morning commute, or grab an aromatic cup of our rich coffee for the ride home.

Racemart Deli and Grill - Delicious, made to order, hot and cold sandwiches and unique combo sandwiches on fresh baked breads, plus gourmet soups and salads. Hardy meals for the hardy appetite.


Other Food Services:
    •    Made to order sandwiches

    •    Pre-made sandwiches

    •    Frozen Snacks

    •    Soups

    •    Donuts

    •    Danish

    •    Rolls

    •    Bagels

    •    Fountain soda

    •    Bottled soda

    •    Bottled water

    •    Bottled soft drinks

    •    Coffee

    •    Tea

    •    Cappuccino

    •    Specialty coffees

    •    Frozen drinks

Retail Merchandise
 •    Cigarettes

    •    Cigars

    •    Candy

    •    Chips

    •    Gum

    •    Newspapers

    •    Pain relievers

    •    Automotive fluids

    •    Pre-paid phone cards


    •    State lottery

    •    Automated teller machines

    •    Coin operated air machines

    •    Coin operated vacuum

    •    Ice

    •    Pay phone

Petroleum products
   •    Kerosene

    •    Propane

  • Raceway Fleet Cards
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  • Fuel you BBQ with Paraco Gas
    Now you can get your grilling gas at one of our convenient locations.
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  • Raceway Promos and Coupons
    Find out some of our latest specials and coupons.
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